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First off--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPH B.! MY LOVER!… - PTHS NANO [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 5th, 2009|09:24 pm]


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First off---


There, now that that's taken care of, I can share some musings about my
biggest project-to-be, Really Long As-Yet-Untitled Series With Ingrid and Dominick.
Well, now even that quasi-name won't cut it anymore, because I was thinking of turning four former side characters into narrators as well.
A six-narrator series?
I'll put up some character descriptions and you can be the judge.


Age 17. Long black wavy hair, sophisticated fashion sense.
Kinda creepy- not in a creeper-like way, but in an unsettling way where she silently watches everything with wide eyes and a look of concern.
Has a weird aura of strange charisma.
Considers everything before speaking.
Her role in the story: after a toboggan accident/near-death experience, ends up in an alternate universe where she has a bunch of paranormal friends and a twin sister named Ava.


Age 17. Longish surfer-boy haircut, chestnut brown. Very good-looking; thin; hot barista, works at coffee shop.
As a hobby, sets buildings on fire, and hangs out with members of the magical underground.
Gets all the ladies, Alice is his ex, but Maddy is totally his true love, even if he doesn't realize it because of her negative energy aura.
Likes to jam.
His role in the story: Meets Maddy at a hardware store which he later burns down, is assigned by Rehan to be her personal bodyguard.


Age 15. Vaguely short brown hair. Petite. Psychic vampire; pretty much everyone hates her.
Orphan. Hangs out with Rehan, who keeps her safe from vampire hunters.
In love with Dominick. Shy, nearly mute, spends most of her time listening to music and huddling in corners.
Her role in the story: Meets up with Rehan years after making a contract with her which was never fulfilled; follows her around, is pretty much used as a human defense tower in exchange for protection.


Age 18. Pretty golden hair, medium length, always worn up. Pretty, also petite. May or may not be a demon.
Mysterious origins. Friendly, sweet and kind, bubbly and perky.
Once dated Dominick. Doesn't know she's Antonio's mother. Meets a tragic end.
Her role in the story: Hangs around, provides emotional baggage for Dominick and might end up being a villain.


Age 17. Same golden hair as Alice, normal guy length. Muscular.
Is a member of the Guard (huge army in service of various magical underground royal families.) Lives with Sophie, his girlfriend.
Is secretly Alice's son- from the futurez!!! But why did he come back to the past? That's for me to... try to pin down.
I have one or two ideas regarding that.
His role in the story: it's a secret!!! At least until I figure out what exactly it is.


Age 14. Shoulder-length black hair that's ridiculously poofy and is cut in a weird emo haircut.
Looks: Prepubescent. Has fangs. Also a member of the Guard.
Creepy (in your typical creeper way) but also has Ingrid's strange charisma-aura.
Seems to have some sort of royal background.
Speaks with a thick French accent for no apparent reason whatsoever.
Her role in the story: Who the hell knows?


[User Picture]From: serafina_zane
2009-05-06 03:11 am (UTC)

Also, six narrators = yes. (coughespeciallywhenoneisanarsonistbaristacough) But no, seriously. This whole project sounds superinteresting. (coughnotasinterestingasillegalghostscough) Start writing it now.

Seriously, now.

Before I have to lock you in a room and cut your internet access.

Seriously, like, now.

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