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Not fortnight prompts! Just prompts! [Jan. 4th, 2011|07:50 pm]


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Since the most active member of our community expressed a desire to write short stories, and we haven't really been doing the fortnight prompts, I thought I'd post a couple phrases I encountered recently that made me think "hey, that'd be a good starting point for a short story idea." So here you go.

1. "arsenic in the water supply"
2. "addicted to online shopping"
3. "our hate for each other is so strong it must have been written in the stars"

So there are my random ideas, pulled from various overheard conversations, standout lines from works of fiction, etc. Use or abuse as you see fit.

[User Picture]From: serafina_zane
2011-01-05 02:18 am (UTC)
Cool stuff. I'm currently dividing and assigning January into sections... I think I've got three short stories I'd like to write already, which leaves me with one blank week.

"The gates to the cemetery at the end of the sea were closed, like every night."

"There was an Egyptian god in my shoe."
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